Ponudba jedi

Fish plates

Grilled sea bass fillet with side dish, 220 g
Sea bass fillet with porcini sauce and polenta, 220g
Fried squid with side dish, 250 g
Grilled squid with side dish, 280 g
Stuffed grilled squid with side dish, 280 g
Stuffed squid in gorgonzola sauce with side dish, portion
Three types of calamari (fried, grilled, and stuffed, with gorgonzola sauce) with side dish (for 2 persons)
Grilled shrimp, 400 g serving
Seafood plate (sea bass fillet, shrimp, grilled calamari) with side dish, serving
Mixed fish plate (sea bass fillet, grilled squid, fried squid, grilled shrimp) with side dish (for 2 people)